1. What is the price? The pricing of McRock Skool is based on a single two hour session over an 8 to 12 session term. 
            It is very affordable for the value.

       2. What happens during a
session ? With Mick's help, the band will select the songs that they will play.
           Then Mick will get the band playing as quickly as possible, teaching specific skills as they come up in the music.
           The goal is to learn by playing, and every
session will have as much playing time as possible.

       3. Where is the studio?
The McRock Studios are throughout the lower mainland of Greater Vancouver.

       4. Can I be in a band with my friend? Yes, if you and a friend want to play together, we will find other players to fill out the band.

       5. Can Girls Participate? Absolutely.
          Women are a dominant force in the music industry, and we hope to have many all-girl bands as well as co-ed bands.

       6. Can I join if I only want to sing? Singers are always in great demand.
           If you sing, you will be a valued member of any band.

       7. Do you teach absolute beginners? We sure do. We will take what you are learning in your private lessons and teach you how to put it together into a band.
          We will start you with very  simple and basic songs to help you put your newfound skills into practice. It all makes a lot more sense when you see how what you are practicing fits into the big                picture.

       8. Will I be playing with the same players as long as I am at McRock Skool? Not necessarily.
           Each term is 8 to 12 sessions long. At the end of the term, there will be a performance, and then if a student wants to continue, they sign up for another term.
           At that time, we will discuss if you want to try playing with other players, or if all or part of the band wants to continue as a group.

       9. How long is the course? We ask that students sign up for the full term - whether it be 8 to 12 sessions.
          During that time, the bands will play a number of tunes, but work on 3 songs to be played in a performance.
          At the end of the three months, there will be a performance where all bands will play their chosen pieces.

    10. What do I have to supply? All you have to bring, if you play guitar, bass or keyboard, is your instrument and a patch cord.
          If you play the drums, just sticks. We will supply all the equipment: all in place and ready to play.

    11. Who teaches the
sessions? Mick Dalla-Vee - for more info, please see Mick's bio.

    12. How long is each
session ? Each session is 2 hours long. This length of time gives time to both review previously learned songs and do the stop and go work necessary to learn new material.

    13. What kind of music do we learn? The level of experience of the band members, and their musical interest dictates the selection of music. Rock, Country, Christian, etc.
        But the most important thing about the music  selected is that it is appropriate to the skill level of the band.
        McRock Skool will teach what we will call standards. These are tunes that all bands of a certain skill level will be able to play,
        so they will have common tunes when jamming with members of other bands.

    14. Where are the performances? McRock Skool is affiliated with many establishmenst locally where all ages can attend and perform.
         Bands will have their time on stage with lots of  equipment, lights, and fun. You can invite your family and friends to come and watch and listen to you as you strut your stuff.

    15. When will I have these
sessions? Sessions will be set at pre-determined times...usually after regular school hours.
         We will add more bootcamp time
s as demand increases

    16. If I miss a class, do I get a refund? No, you will not be given a refund if you miss a class.

    17. When are the fees for the
sessions due? Fees for the full term must be paid in advance of the 1st session.

    18. What ages do you teach? Our youth program ranges from ages 10 years to 18 years. We also offer adult classes. We will place you in an age appropriate group.

    19. Is Rock the only style you teach? No. Students can be taught many different styles of music. The skill level required to play each piece is the most important factor in choosing what                                 music each group will play.

    20. Do you need to have natural ability or talent? No. Anyone can learn to sing or play an instrument.
         It is far more important that you have desire and motivation to practice.

    21. I'm not very confident. Does it matter? No. In fact, most people are nervous about learning to sing or play an instrument in front of other people.
          Mick was there once too, and he knows how you feel.

    22. Do I have to be able to read music? No. Most musicians eventually realize that to become really good, reading music is a must.
         But for beginners and most casual musicians, reading  music is not necessary.

    23. How do you judge what level a student is at?  Beginner? Novice? Intermediate? Click Here

    24. What do I have to bring?  Guitar and bass players bring their instruments, a patch cord, and any stomp boxes that you want to add.
        · Keyboard players bring their keyboard and stand.
        · Drummers bring sticks and cymbals.

    25. When do we pay? You pay before you start.

    26. Can I bring in any refreshments?
There is no alcohol allowed, but other refreshments are fine.

    27. Is there a place to smoke? Smoking is forbidden in or outside of the McRock studio.