A beginner has little or no playing experience. Late level beginners know a handful of chords, but do not yet change smoothly from chord to chord and have difficulty tuning their                         instrument without assistance. Generally cannot play a song smoothly all the way through. Late level beginners generally have had less than six months of private instruction.

    A Novice knows basic chords (most major and minor chords) and has a working knowledge of power chords. Chord changes are accomplished smoothly and without hesitation. Novices             frequently cannot play a song all the way through, but probably plays some riffs as well as chords. Steady, rhythmic strumming patterns and some experience with a flat pick are common             accomplishments. Novices have had from 6 months to 2 years of private instruction or playing experience.

    An Intermediate is comfortable with major and minor barre chords and can play movable scales with ease. Rhythmic patterns are smooth and effortless, and student plays easily with a flat             pick.