Some Must Reads (thanks to Mako Britz)

By on Wednesday, July 5th, 2017.

“Man has the ability to change but one thing in life, but by changing that one thing, he changes his life”.

Epictetus: “Men are disturbed not by things that happen, but by their opinions of the things that happen.”

Ever feel yourself getting perturbed by something that happens during your day? Ever have the urge to say something about it, when silence might be the best approach? Perhaps you feel the need to make a judgment about each situation that arises.

Maybe it’s time to slow down a bit. As the song says, “Don’t worry – be happy!” The truth is – none of us have the right to judge others, nor their actions. We can control only one thing – our own actions. If there is something to be judged, it would be our reaction to things that happen, not the events themselves.

In Stephen Covey’s “Seven Habits,” Habit #5 says, “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” In explaining, Covey states that “People do not see the world as it is; they see it as they are – or as they have been conditioned to be.” He goes on to make the simple statement that “When you understand, you don’t judge.”

“Once you take the time to understand each situation, there is no longer a need to judge. Interestingly, when others realize that you no longer make those judgments, you will find that they no longer judge you either.”

“Want to free yourself from being disturbed about the events of the day? Epictetus: “When considering the future, remember that all situations unfold as they do regardless of how we feel about them. Our hopes and fears sway us, not the events themselves”

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